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Fashion ABC: Lasercut, Long Vest, Mesh Fabric, Skinny Boyfriend

Panty: From Skinny Boyfriend to...

Today, we bring the second part in our ‘Fashion ABC’ series. In the first instalment, we discussed cropped, oversized and slim fitting tops. Today, we want to introduce you to some more cutting edge fashion trends that are emerging.

This instalment aims to give you a little guidance when it comes to current and upcoming styles, whilst giving you an overview of the key terms from the world of fashion.

Laser cut Style

This quite literal term for this clothing style indicates the production process – where a thermal separation process is used. Originally used for metals and pottery, use of this method in fashion is here to stay.

Dresses, blouses and tops are the key pieces in laser cut styles.  The cutouts look very clean due to the nature of the process, and require not special lining. This allows for fast and precise work, producing beautiful effects and unique styles.

Secondly, a style we certainly cannot ignore this year:

Long Vest

With this style, the clue is well and truly in the title! The long style vest has quickly risen to prominence amongst women’s fashion, and is now an important essential. This style works great with slim fitting trousers – solid denim jeans give a really strong look. The influence for this style derives from the 1980’s, but has now become very popular again, particularly amongst the younger generation.

Mesh Fabric

A look that has been long known in the sports fashion world, meshed fabrics are now creeping into high-street fashion, often using color coordinated fabrics as seen here.

Mesh styles today can be seen through decorative detailing in the form of patches and decals. Contrast is key here, especially for a vibrant summer wardrobe.

Skinny Boyfriend

The term ‘boyfriend’ jeans has been around for some time now, indicating a more relaxed, loose fitting style. The style sees an adaption on this popular style, making the cut more fitted yet retaining the casual style.

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