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How to properly clean and care for your woolen garments

Cashmere-wool-Pullover with knitted lettering

When it comes to wool clothing, we could all do with a few tips on how it should be properly cared for and stored. Well, here’s the good news: wool does not actually require as much attention as you’d think when it comes to looking after it.

However, for those certain garments that are especially close to your heart, you should keep these few points in mind in order preserve their lifespan for as long as possible.

In our small realm of woolen products, we have devoted ourselves to perusing an exemplary quality of wool, which in turn helps to create a beautiful fit and feel without compromising our high-end, fashionable look. For those of you who place high importance on natural fabrics, now more than ever will you find a beautiful selection of cashmere, merino and mohair in our collection. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your cherished woolen pieces…

Everyday care and routines

Many people swear by good old fresh air as an effective way to dry your wool products, and rightly so. Because it is such a natural fabric, wool adopts an almost self-cleaning effect when left in the right conditions. Doing so much as shaking your woolens out and ventilating them well should be enough to help them regain their freshness. Alternatively, wool also reacts very favorably to humid air – which can be typically found in your laundry room or bathroom. Leaving them overnight in these conditions gives the wool chance to ‘release’, as well as being effective remedy for unwanted odors and creases.

Take extra care when washing

Should your woolen products have come into contact with dirt of some kind, it is generally advised that you wash them in either cold or lukewarm water, although this can vary based on specific care instructions. It is important however to never leave the wool to soak in the water, and always ensure to thoroughly rinse off any cleaning agents after washing. Once washed, place the garment on a towel and lay it gently in shape to dry. Drying using artificial heat or a tumble dryer is a big no-no for wool. In terms of ironing, it always advisable to place a damp cotton cloth between the wool and iron in order to ensure it is fully protected.

Help your colored wool retain its vibrancy

In terms of colored woolen garments, slightly different rules apply with regard to cleaning instructions. The emphasis when cleaning these items should be on retaining the color intensity for as long as possible. It can often be the case that colored wool becomes ‘washed out’ and discolored after being cleaned. In order to avoid this, you can purchase ‘color catchers’ (or even make your own using this method!) which can be added to the wash and help your garments retain their vibrancy. When it comes to storing naturally dyed wool, we always suggest storing them in places with as little natural light as possible.

Delicately remove all signs of pilling

After extended wear, it can be sometimes be the case that your woolen clothing will begin to inhabit the ‘pilling’ effect. This is caused by friction on certain exposed areas, resulting in the garment developing small nodules of wool, particularly round the elbows. In order to remove this piling, you can use a special lint remover which can be purchased from any specialist dealer. However, be sure to be delicate when using these, so as not to damage the structure of the garment.

Store your garments properly to avoid unwanted guests

In terms of storage, we would always suggest storing your woolen products lying flat whenever possible, as opposed to hung and please clean the garments before storing it for a longer period. When storing for longer periods of time, it’s important to protect your garments from moths, who find the wool particularly comfortable (who can blame them?). Unfortunately, they are prone to leaving unsightly small holes in the wool as a result of them feeding themselves through the fabric. Fragrant herbs such as mint, rosemary, lavender and thyme can act as an effective repellent against such occurrences – bind them into a little ‘scent sachet’ and place them in your closet in order to prevent moths and other unwelcome guests from visiting. Here’s a quick guide on how to make your own.

What if the moths have already done their damage? We suggest placing any affected clothes in the freezer for a few days, which is a sure fire way to kill off any remaining intruders. Once you’ve done this, give your wardrobe a quick wipe using a neutral soap and apply some lavender oil to your cloth to use when wiping out the shelves. Problem solved!

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