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Perfect festival outfits!

REPEAT cashmere Festival Outfit

Summer = festival season! When the weather is good, there’s nothing much better than soaking up some live music and spending some quality time outdoors. But what’s the appropriate attire for such events?

Everybody has their own unique style, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to get a little nudge in the right direction in terms of choosing your outfits. In previous posts, we’ve talked you through perfect outfits for holidays, outfits for occasions such as Easter and Mother’s Day, and even given a little guidance on what works for a first date. Today, what with it being the height of summer, we thought what better time to discuss outfits for the various summer events and festivals we’re sure you’re attending!

Your choice of outfit also largely depends on the type of event you’re attending, in terms of the music style, age group, atmosphere etc.

First of all, let’s start with the basics…

The ‘band t-shirt’ or graphic t-shirt with jeans and some cool, comfortable trainers is an effortless yet classic festival option that never seems to go out of fashion. Alternatively, opt for a pair of pants with a slight stretch, which are extra comfy and don’t restrict your movement for all that dancing you’ll be doing! The main component of this material is that it is robust enough to withstand dirt and general ‘festival wear and tear’, yet at the same time, sufficiently cool and airy.

In terms of t-shirt selection, cotton is the ideal material. It is very breathable and comfortable on the skin, especially when the fit is right such as in this T-Shirt with paisley motif. With the paisley detailing on this t-shirt, you get the practical benefits along with making a subtle fashion statement. If the concert is likely to run into the late hours of the evening (which let’s face it, it probably will!), then it’s probably wise to take an open cardigan along with you for when it gets a bit cooler. The loose knit style of this cardigan makes it ideal, as it’s still breathable and airy, but made from a very warming material. The base of this outfit is perfect for every festival. Practical and functional, yet cool and chic. If you feel like adding an extra touch of elegance, a matching pashmina scarf around the neck is just the ticket.

Whilst we’re here, a few little festival tips in general from REPEAT

Festivals obviously attract large groups of people. It’s therefore important that you’re particularly careful with your valuable items, such as your purse, phone, keys etc. Ideally, you can buy a locker or some space in the cloakroom. But, if not, we’d suggest leaving them at home, or at least bringing stightly less valuable alternatives. For example, take out everything from your purse such as cards and excess cash that you won’t need at the festival, so that if anything was to go missing it wouldn’t be a major inconvenience. In terms of your phone, it could be an idea to dig out a cheap old phone for the weekend. Whilst it won’t do anything for your street cred, it will put your mind at ease! Expensive jewelry and accessories are also not really suitable – leave them at home and embrace your inner festival chic!

Above all, have fun and make some moments to remember!

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