Show your skin how much you love it – with deliciously soft cashmere from REPEAT cashmere is one of the finest and noblest natural fibres in the world. This high-quality yarn from the undercoat of the cashmere goat is quite rightly considered a luxury good. A luxury that's worth every penny! Because whether a fine knit or a chunky texture, shawls, scarves, cardigans, ponchos and pullovers in cashmere are unbelievably warm and cosset both the skin and the senses with their soft and cuddly touch. In addition, cashmere has an intrinsically noble look that is further enhanced by the elegant shapes of our models. We have put together for you a selection of timeless basics as well as fully on-trend key pieces with sophisticated details. And all in 100% cashmere that has naturally been finished to the highest quality standards. A must-have for every fashion conscious woman! You can combine cashmere tops equally well with jeans, trousers, leggings or a skirt. Depending on the outfit you can create a look that is casual or elegant – but always the height of fashion.
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