Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

As an internationally active company, THE REPEAT GROUP is highly conscious of the social and ethical aspects of its business and takes into account the impact of its business activities on society and on the environment. Find out about our code of ethics and conduct guidelines below.

We currently employ 100 workers in 5 countries of 8 different nationalities, aged between 20 and 70 years. In addition, we work in close collaboration with over 1100 companies throughout the world. Cultural diversity, tolerance, equal rights and respect are an important aspect of our corporate culture. We consider it essential that companies should accept social and ecological responsibility and we also expect our partner companies to share this conviction.

What does social responsibility mean for REPEAT?

We consider the ethical principles on which our decisions are based in the economic, ecological and social areas of activity to be the foundation of the future. Treating people, animals and the environment with respect, as well as protecting resources for future generations are the cornerstones of our actions. It is important to us that we should shape our social environment in a positive manner and ensure that our business actions have as little impact on the environment as possible. We constantly endeavour to consistently reduce the use of raw materials, energy, water and chemical additives by implementing the latest developments and technologies.

How does REPEAT integrate its corporate responsibility into its business activities?

Our claim has always been that we offer our customers the highest level of quality at reasonable prices whilst always bearing in mind our corporate responsibility. This influences the corporate decisions that are made and our choice of suppliers and partners. We have strict criteria in this regard that are in line with our corporate principles. Environmental protection, fair working conditions and social justice are therefore also the prerequisites for our cooperation partners. The essential standards of behaviour for our business practices are consistently communicated to our employees. We sensitise them to behavioural requirements in the area of anti-corruption and ensure that they comply with these.

As a cashmere specialist, a large proportion of the raw materials used in REPEAT products are of animal origin. What is REPEAT's stance towards animal protection?

At REPEAT we believe in the proper treatment of animals. The wool used in REPEAT products comes from farms that treat their animals with respect. In addition, we insist that all our suppliers can verify the origins of their raw materials, so that the paper trail for the supply chain is clear and complete. For ethical reasons we do not use genuine skins or angora materials.

The different processes for manufacturing textiles can have negative consequences on the environment. What is REPEAT doing to protect people and nature?

Responsible and future-oriented action is also our aim from an ecological perspective. Resources must be protected for future generations, therefore we are acutely aware that they must be used sparingly at all levels. As a specialist in the area of high quality natural materials this begins in the meadow and the field. Compliance with local and national guidelines and laws are just the beginning. We are also extremely keen to reduce the use of chemical additives in the cultivation of the raw materials that we use and even to dispense with them altogether, where possible. Thus, you will always find fashionable tops in our collections that are made of organic cotton. In addition, we constantly monitor the use of water in production and we are committed to reducing this further.

Also, in the following production steps we are keen to keep the impact on people and nature as low as possible. In the production of our threads and yarns, in the textile fabrics and textile finishing, we aim to reduce the use of chemical substances and/or to dispense with them altogether. We work with leading manufacturers in the area of pure wool yarns and blends. The yarns are produced using modern technologies, always in compliance with ecological standards. The further development of these technologies and improvements in sustainability are continuously driven forward. The dying and finishing of the materials is also carried out in compliance with strict standards. Therefore, AZO colourants, which are known to be toxic, are not used in the manufacture of our products. Thanks to cutting edge technology and stringent safety requirements, we are able to meet our responsibility for employees and customers in this critical point of production, to ensure that their health is protected to the greatest degree possible. The responsible disposal of waste as well as a reduction in harmful CO2 emissions are further important aspects of our requirements. The constant investment in new technologies, the optimisation of processes and the responsible use of valuable resources are of the highest importance to us and to our partners. We encourage all our suppliers to take their ecological responsibility seriously and to introduce corresponding measures.

We often hear reports of the controversial practice of "mulesing" in the press. When I buy a pullover from REPEAT, should I worry that the sheep have had to suffer such an ordeal?

We at REPEAT are unequivocally against any form of cruelty to animals and the same applies for our partners and suppliers. No sheep whose wool is used in the production of a REPEAT article of clothing has had to suffer such torture. Our producers work with alternative methods that have been tested and approved by animal welfare groups, in order to protect the animals from the ravages of flystrike (myiasis).

Growing mountains of waste are an acute problem. What is REPEAT doing to solve this?

The challenge when it comes to packaging materials is to ensure that the goods are transported safely whilst at the same time ensuring that the environment suffers as little as possible. We are working towards reducing the amount of packaging material. We instruct our employees at our headquarters and in our shops to separate and recycle all the reusable materials.

Our products are extremely special and often a gift for others or ourselves. Accordingly, we offer packaging that reflects the value of our products in transport. When ordering in our online shop you have the option of dispensing with any additional packaging material and can of course opt to send the article without extra gift packaging.

By buying from REPEAT you are also making a contribution towards sustainability. The excellent finishing and quality of all our products as well as their timeless design ensure that you will enjoy wearing our garments for many years, which is also a contribution to a sustainable lifestyle. And if you should eventually have to part with a piece, remember, wool is a sustainable, renewable product and 100% biodegradable.

What are REPEAT's principles with regard to employees?

REPEAT is committed to fair and respectful conduct towards its employees that is based on integrity and implements this at all levels of the supply chain. We categorically refuse to tolerate any form of discrimination with respect to race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, social class, disability or political or trade union affiliation. These principles also apply for our partner companies.

Labour laws differ greatly worldwide. What working conditions do REPEAT and its suppliers offer their workers?

We are aware that our business activities have an impact on the living and working conditions of our employees and customers, and on society as a whole. The production methods used are at the cutting edge of technology and therefore protect both our employees and the environment in which we live to the greatest extent possible.

We firmly believe that working conditions worldwide must comply with generally recognised human rights. It goes without saying that we categorically condemn the use of child and forced labour. Our employees and those of our suppliers work in a safe working environment. Health and safety is our highest priority. Thus, health and safety measures that meet international standards are implemented and strictly monitored. Employees have the right to form a trade union, to belong to a trade union and to hold joint negotiations. Salaries always conform with the statutory minimum requirements. Every employee is expected to receive a salary for the work rendered that is adequate to finance a dignified life, since this is an essential prerequisite for positive social development as a whole, which is very close to the heart of REPEAT.