Shipment information

We currently ship to the United States with our shipping partner DHL Express.

`<div class="table clearfix shipping-table">

             <div class="thead">

               <div class="tr">

                 <div class="th col-shipping-options">Shipping options</div>

                 <div class="th col-delivery-time">Delivery time</div>

                 <div class="th col-shipping-costs">Shipping costs</div>

                 <div class="th col-free-shipping">Free shipping From</div>



             <div class="tbody">

                <div class="tr">

                  <div class="td col-shipping-options">

                    <div class="fl">

                      DHL Express


                    <!--<div class="fr">

                      <img src="" alt="DHL" style="width: 40px; margin-top: 3px;">



                  <div class="td col-delivery-time up">2-6 business days</div>

                  <div class="td col-shipping-costs">$19</div>

                  <div class="td col-free-shipping">$249</div>

                  <!--<div class="td col-shipping-costs">$ 15,-</div>

                  <div class="td col-free-shipping">$ 299,-</div>-->




* Depending on product availability

** Shipping costs are displayed in USD, including VAT

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