REPEAT goes organic…

REPEAT cashmere, one of Europe’s leading brand for luxury knitwear, recognizes that sustainable fashion is the way forward and takes the lead in the cashmere knitwear industry by expanding its collection with fully certified organic and sustainable cashmere garments.

What is organic and sustainable cashmere?

What is GOTS?

What’s the problem with textile processing?

Why is certification to GOTS a good idea?

What are organic raw materials?

Can only organic raw materials be used in GOTS-certified products?

If I see the GOTS logo, what does it mean?

What about a statement that the yarn (or fabric) in a finished product is GOTS certified?

What kinds of worker-oriented provisions are in GOTS?

What about animal husbandry?

Is GOTS an official standard?

How do products/companies become certified to GOTS?

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