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Cashmere knitwear is the central element in our collections. Here at REPEAT, we have time and again demonstrated our passion for this premium material. With its simple elegance, cashmere is ideally suited for creating stylish and comfortable fashion.

An exclusive, natural fiber

The time-intensive and intricate work required to acquire and process cashmere results in a material of the finest quality. The downy undercoat of cashmere goats is carefully combed out in order to obtain fine hair, which is ultimately processed into cashmere yarn. Fibers from the undercoat have a unique structure, providing cashmere with its incomparable softness and delicate sheen. In addition, wool from cashmere goats is significantly finer than sheep's wool, making it one of the world's most valuable natural fibers.

Luxurious and light

Cashmere yarn is available in various qualities. Two-ply yarns are of higher quality than one-ply yarns because they are more flexible and resilient. They are also plusher and more resistant to tearing. Quality is further determined by the thickness and length of the selected fleece, as well as how much hair came from the outer coat. Finer and longer hair, primarily obtained from the undercoat, produces yarn with the best overall quality. For our REPEAT cashmere collections, we always use only the highest quality, most luxurious cashmere yarns, so that you can fully enjoy the incredible softness of cashmere.

Seductively soft comfort for all seasons

Cashmere is synonymous with warmth and cozy comfort. The material's exceptional thermal properties make sweaters, cardigans, scarves and accessories made of cashmere wool the perfect companions for cold days. And when processed into a delicate summer yarn, cashmere is also incredibly comfortable in warmer months. The exquisite quality of the cashmere wool used in our collections guarantees lasting satisfaction and alluring comfort.