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It goes without saying that you can return (part of) your order within 14 days upon receiving your parcel.
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Care instructions

Care instructions

Always air the garment after wearing, leave for a 'rest' period and store flat. Handwash in cold to lukewarm water. Use cashmere shampoo or a small amount of household soap. Wash in cold to lukewarm water, rinse, carefully press out excess water (or spin on a short program), dry flat and steam iron through a pressing cloth.


Pilling is a natural process which occurs in all natural yarns after a certain period of wear. Pilling is caused by abrasive stress during wear, or by static electricity build-up underneath outer garments. The protruding fiber ends become knotted together and form so called 'pills'. These can either be picked off, or ideally shaved away using a wool razor. Soft, higher-grade yarns are more susceptible to pilling than rustic-type materials.

Be gentle with me. I can make you feel good.
I feel much sexier when you dry clean me.
I'm hot, but my fibres are sensitive.
Be gentle with me. I can make you feel good.